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Don’t be fooled by the shop window!

This is a small address that has been shared for over 7 years by word of mouth, between connoisseurs only. Do come in, and let Juliane guide you.




To be an independent wine merchant,

it is to assert one's personality to propose a selection of character.


Happy-go-lucky, lovely and indulgent,

Juliane tastes like spices and perfumes. She enjoys wonderful encounters. And above all, she loves good wine, the one that goes perfectly with the occasion, the guests and the plate!


This quest for the requirement for absolute pleasure is the key to her selections. Here we do not speak about just oenology, but about pleasures of the senses.


Let Juliane tickle your taste buds with her discoveries she loves to share. A feminine approach with touches of perfectionism and sensitivity.

"I select vineyards based on their seriousness and purity.

I know what's in my bottles and who produced them"

Get off the beaten path to access scarcity:

Behind its austere appearances, the Cave du Parvis has many surprises for connoisseurs and amateurs alike. There is curiosity and originality in her selections. You can encounter the untraceable, the priceless, and the real gems!

Discover the wines at La Cave du Parvis,

whatever your destination or the size of your luggage,

it is a unique and original taste trip.

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